Saturday, May 26, 2012

This Week's Video Highlights

Camden can often be found climbing into his basket of toys. We think it's pretty cute.

So the other day I was showing him how putting the ball in the hole made sounds and he just picked it up right after me and started doing it too. So fun that he finally figured it out how to do it all by himself! 

Camden is just fascinated by the ladybug crawling up his arm! He even tries to eat it. Haha!

I try to save mopping for when Camden is sleeping but he had just woken up from his morning nap and everything was already wet so instead of him slipping around in with his bare hands we put him to work! Haha! 

Camden was entertained by pushing his stroller around for quite some time. I may just leave it out in the open more often haha! 

Camden was being a little stinker before bedtime so I hopped into his crib with him. He was super surprised but then seemed relieved! His first reaction was pretty funny. You could see the wheels turning in his head thinking, "Hmm well this is new. Uh wait, what ARE you doing in my space!? Well I guess this is okay...I think could get used to this!" Haha! 

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