Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Camden @ 17 Months

Such a big boy coloring!

Camden loves to collect sticks & rocks! 

We just love this tiny little person. 

Camden is getting so big! At least once a day I look at him and wish that I could just freeze time. I think that is why we have been admonished to "behold our little ones" because they just grow up so fast and we have to soak it all in while we still can! 

He is learning to say new things every day like, "battie buh" (basketball),  "owww" (meow), "mmmm" (moo), or "No, no." Those are my favorite that he can say. It is so cute watching his little face and the way his cute little lips move. We still can't understand all that he says but it is amazing to watch his little mind grow and expand. We will ask him questions and he will point to what we are talking about even if he can't say the words yet, he knows! He knows the animals sounds for a cow, cat, dog, snake, bee, pig, sheep, & monkey. Kind of random ones here and there haha! It is fun to go to the zoo because he will point at the animal and knows what they say now! 

Camden loves loves loves books. When we go into his room he will grab my hand and lead me to where the books are and then will back up into me so that I will lift him up onto my lap so I will read books with him....I love how he communicates all this to me without ever talking. So cool he has his own little toddler language. Oh and he knows if we haven't read all the books. I can't fool him. 

Camden loves to be outside & to collect things as he explores. He has to be holding a least one rock and stick in each hand. He gets pretty attached to them but will let them go once we go inside. I always tell them there will plenty to choose from just right outside of our front door for next time. Haha! 

Camden still loves loves bikes. He freaks out at them at the store or in shows or books. Even if he sees a helmet he says, "Bi! Bi!" The other day at the park he started chasing this guy who was riding his bike. Haha! He knows where Scott's bike is in the outdoor storage unit in our little backyard and the other day Scott said, "Let's go on a bike ride!" Immediately Camden's eyes widened, his smile got huge and he ran for the back door yelling, "Bi! Bi! Bi!" He totally understood what Scott said and was so excited! We have to hide the helmets during the week or else he will want to go on a bike ride every second of the day! 

Camden also loves to play with cars and airplanes. He makes the "Nun, nun, nun" sounds for his cars and a blowing sound for when he flies his little airplane in the air. We didn't really even teach him those things....he just picked it up! Boys will be boys! 

Camden also loves pens. We have a bunch of little pen marks on our couch. Every time we see them Scott and I just laugh. The really big ones I have washed out but there are plenty little ones to still "enjoy". They are just cute little memories of our little guy.

We love his little personality and the random hugs he gives us. Sometimes I will get touched from reading or watching something and start "crying". Cam will get this look of concern on his face and give me a kiss. He will give his little friends hugs and just loves being around people. He waves hi and goodbye to everyone and everything now. It is the cutest! 

Oh there are so many other things I could write about like how he does this evil baby glare and then flashes a smile just to make us laugh...kind of like this hilarious baby on youtube HERE. Or I could write about how today Camden followed me around today as I was cleaning the house. As soon as I put the roll of paper towels down he jumped at the chance to snag a sheet and started cleaning right along with me. I just love my precious little buddy. There are new stories to tell each day. 

As overwhelming and busy as my days can be with a toddler they are so very full of joy at the very same time. Some times when I just want to scream and run out the door I will get on my hands and knees and chase my little guy around the room. He squeals in delight as I tickle him and we make a game of things out of nowhere. I think immediately we are both filled with a good measure of happiness and love. Reminds me that this is the season of playing on the ground with my baby and nothing in that moment could ever be more important! 

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Beth Dorsey said...

So fun. I look forward to all these things with Tommy! And Nate would LOVE it if he's as excited about bikes as Camden is. :)