Friday, May 10, 2013

Camden Sayings...

His first sentence around 20 months..."Bye bye Dada!"

Our first real conversation at 22 months...

C: Dada? (First word he says when waking up that morning)
Mama: Dada went to work.
C: Car?
Mama: Yes he drove in his car.
C: Car? Hmmm :) (Cam loves his Dada!)

The other day he pointed to my "Camden" necklace & called the metal disk "money" and the pearl a "basketball." I love how his little mind works!

Says thank you (tee too) without us ever asking him to when we do something for today when I got him a popsicle and then another time when I helped him climb up the stairs to get to the big jumpy slide! If i give him bubbles to blow or help lift him up to see some thing or peel an orange slice for him...So sweet to get thank yous through out the day from your toddler. Learning how to be a little gentleman already!

I taught him the other day on our walk what a bee makes so now when we ask him...."What does a bee make?" He says... "Huhn-eeee!" right on command! Haha. Cutest thing ever!

If something is big he calls it dada and if it's small he calls it a baby. If it medium size he calls it mama. I taught him that when comparing rubber ducky sizes in the bath and now it uses it for everything so scott taught him to say "Big small big small big small" when comparing sizes of things like rocks or leaves or balls or trucks haha!

Every morning, and throughout the day, I get requests for popsicles and watching his favorite train movie..."Mama, go goes, pahcools, peez."

First Spanish words...vamos and Casco. (Let's go & helmet)

Loves popcorn and popsicles, bikes & motorcycles, firetrucks police cars, trucks, trains, airplanes, basketballs, footballs & soccer balls!

Currently obsessed with blowing bubbles & playing with pennies from moms wallet....once I let him throw pennies into a fountain at the mall and now he loves money! Haha.

He is always pointing out the fire detectors in our home & tries to jump up to press the button like dada showed him.

Us: Cam I'm going to tell you a story..

Cam: Bikes! 

Our favorite words to hear him say now at 23 Months...

All right!!!!
Backet Ball (Basketball)
Peeegeee (piggie)
Coooohkeee (cookie)
Muhneeee (money)
Huhnee (honey)
Nacky (candy)
Scarekey (scary)
Mahcool (motorcycle)
Pahcool (Popsicle)

Yesterday I said, "You're crazy Cam!" as he continued to flip over the handlebars of his little bike onto the grass multiple times just for fun. He replied, "Thank you!" Haha!

Whenever Camden sees an oval he shouts out "Football! Football!" we see lots of football shapes just about everywhere imaginable these days. Love how observant he is.

Oh and his newest expression is "Ta Da!" he says it when he climbs on the couch and then so triumphantly stands tall like he just climbed Mt. Everest or when he stacks blocks real high. I don't know where he learned that but now that I'm noticing I say it a lot! 

I'm sure there are numerous other sayings and happenings that I have forgotten or have yet to add but these are just a bit of the cuteness and happiness our boy is every day in our lives! Love him! He is learning new things everyday and it is just the funnest thing. Can't believe he will be 2 in just a few more weeks!

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