Friday, May 10, 2013

Impressions On the Heart // Our True Missions

A heavenly beam of revelation funneled down into my heart and mind to write this the other night and I couldn't ignore it... 

Sometimes we forget how hard Satan is working against us. He wants to prevent us from having any kind of joy! The kind of joy that we feel when we look into the eyes & faces of those we love....that pure, unselfish, charitable, loving, undeniable, your heart-is-going-to-burst-open kind of joy that feels like a pure beam of light from our Heavenly Father! You know the one?

Satan wants us to be distracted (glued to our phones and ipads), bored (wishing we were always somewhere else or that time would fast forward), selfish, lazy, and careless instead of focused (on what is most important), mindful (of the present, the smiles on children's faces, the beauty of the earth...the everyday simple, yet joyous of joys), engaged (in good causes), thankful (for all we have been given) and quick to remember God!

Satan's main goal is to tear our families apart by dimming our view on life, by weakening our ability to see what this life is really about so that we turn our backs on each other and forget why we are here.

He wants us to think less of our true worth and potential and the potential of those around us. He wants us to doubt and listen to his never ending lies and continue down with him in his spiral of despair.

So, my goal is to show him! Show him whose side I am fighting for by working hard and dedicating myself to the purposes God has sent me here for!

There is no time to waste. Our time is a gift from God and we must use it well! We must look life in the face and smile smile smile...not put on a fake smile but a smile that comes from the joy in our blessings and the realization of who we are and what our purpose is! A smile that pushes us forward throughout our whole day.

Remembering why I am here gives me the motivation to be better and strive for more than I feel I can do. Any time i feel like i cant do any more, i really can do more because I know that with God's help anything is possible. Anything can be done if our intentions and hearts are pure, if we strive for righteousness and to be close to the spirit and follow through with His promptings. Anything can be done if we simply ask God for the strength to do His purposes.

As sure as I know my Savior lives I know there is one that seeks to distort and destroy all that has been built on the rock of Christ. We must not let ourselves loose sight of our true missions!


Also, some of my favorite quotes from this most recent LDS general conference with hashtags & all....

Satan's fate is already determined...he knows he is going to loose. Stay on the lords side and you will win every time! #elderscott #ldsconf #april2013

Righteous living = personal peace #eldercook

What Matters more is how our children are raised, not where. When moving ask what ward needs a good family?

Repentance, humility, respect, cooperation build great/happy marriages.

Following Christ is a continuous commitment.... #oaks

I have come to know that faith is a real power, not just an expression of belief. There are few things more powerful than the faithful prayers of a righteous mother! #boydkpacker


Beth Dorsey said...

Love this, Brittany! Thanks for sharing! And it's so true. I find that one of the easiest ways to fight Satan in his battle to destroy what's good is simply to always remember to count our blessings. Of course there are times when we feel like they're hard to find, but I believe that when we recognize the good and thank God for it, we are fortified (in so many ways) against the bad. <3

Tracy Moore said...

Thank you for posting this! :-)

Annette said...

Hi Brittany, Great post. These were some of my same thoughts i have been having today. it is always a continuous battle. But we have great help on our sides. Have a great day!!