Sunday, September 13, 2009

Summer's End

So as Summer comes to an end we would like to dedicate this post to all those who we shared a grrreat and wonderful time with! Summer was a blast and we could not have done it without all you fun peoples!

We got to spend a few days with my boy cousins in Alpine, UT. Here they are playin some golf in the backyard. I was a little outnumbered!
Then Scott and I headed in different directions for a week and a half. It was a little too long away from each other, in our opinions...but we both had some fun family bonding time.
Scott, his dad, & brothers Brian and Bryce went on a backpacking trip to Selway....somewhere in the middle of Idaho close to the Montana border. They got to catch their own fish and hike through beautiful mountains.
Doesn't this lake look so refreshing??
While Scott was being a wilderness man I got to spend time with my beautiful sisters and momma. Their boys were off on a camping trip too so it was just us girlies. We got plenty of girl talk, shopping, swimming, laying out, and cooking together in. It was so fun to just spend time together and relax.
Then soon enough {even though it felt like an eternity we were apart} Scott made the drive from Idaho to California and we got to spend yet another week with the Farrow family.
We soaked in all the sun and pool time we could. It is so great to not have homework or a job for a while! haha. We even got to help my brother Blake out with replying back to his girlfriend who asked him to backwards.
After much diliberation on how to reply back YES....We covered her garage in Christmas lights and the posters said..."I would be delighted to go to backwards with you!" Cute huh? Oh and don't you enjoy his outfit!?
Earlier that same day we were able to go snorkeling at La Jolla Cove with many fun people.. namely the sweetest girls around....Alyssa and Chelly! Oh and Mikey came too.
We all got suited up and felt like real life professional seaworld trainers!

This picture just cracks me up how everyone except for Scott, Blake and I are gathered around my Dad. haha! There were a lot of people on the beach that day so we had to be quick with our formations!
We saw a lot of pretty orange fish called Garibaldi and a few other sweet lookin fish but not too much else...The visibility wasn't the best. It was still way fun to venture out into the deep blue sea. We even got to swim through the caves which was way fun!
Scott also got to go work with my Dad one day while we were there! This roof was in Coronada. Lookin good boys!
Our next stop was Las Vegas. We spent one night there and decided to eat at our hotel's dinner buffet and oh how much did we love it. We really felt like little kids in a candy many things to choose from!
We were so stuffed by our 3rd to 4th plates but dessert definitely was a must. People were staring at me as I shoveled a whole plate full of yummy desserts! haha. So fun! These pics are of our before faces...our after pics are way funny tho. We were soooo fulll!
We had to burn off all those calories we gain by walking the strip.
Our favorite thing was defnitely the Bellagio water show....
And of course....winning big at the Monte Carlo! ;)

This summer was a great and wonderful adventure. Now it is back to school for the Fall at BYU-I. I am taking 20 credits and still working at the library while Scott is taking 17 credits and working as a TA for one of his teachers. We are hoping to be done here by next July. We know how fast that is going to go by so we are taking every advantage and opportunity we can to learn as much and have as much fun as we can while we are still here!!!! So we are definitely excited for this semester and all that it will bring us!

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