Sunday, January 24, 2010


Growing up I always thought snowflakes were imaginary/figurative. I always thought they were just a made up symbol for winter time...I guess I thought that because I never actually experienced a lot of snow in San Diego! The times I did witness it snow I never really paid attention to the details & just saw blobs of white stuff falling. Up until my first semester at college, I always assumed that snowflakes were just flakes of ice, nothing more. But I am here today to tell you that snowflakes are REAL & they are the most beautiful thing! They really do exist & I have found out that some people have actually dedicated their whole lives to studying the science of snowflakes! {As I write this my husband is mocking me by speaking in the voice of a 5 year old reading the words I write. haha}

But seriously, I love when it snows because the tiny, itty bitty ice crystals that so gently fall on my gloves and coat are just another reminder of the beauty of God's creations! I can still remember I was walking home from my math 108 class with my cousin Landon when I caught my first "real" snowflake...Well, it landed on the sleeve of my jacket & I was awestruck!

Snowflakes just make me smile! Lately, In class I try to sit by the window so I can watch it snow...this winter has been on the milder side & I am quite enjoying it. Never thought I would say that about Rexburg's winters....but it is true!

It is amazing what happens when I begin to notice the hand of God in my life & I can truly say he blesses me with so many tender mercies each of them being snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes {name that movie}

So to celebrate snowflakes...Here's some REAL LIFE snowflake facts:

Did you know that...

-No snowflake is alike. Every snowflake has its own unique shape and is different than all other snowflakes!

-All snowflakes have six sides.

-Snowflakes are made up of ice crystals.

-Snowflakes aren't always white. Years ago, when coal was used in factories and homes, snow was often gray. Why? Because the coal dust entered the air and was absorbed by the clouds.

-The largest snowflakes ever recorded fell in the state of Montana in the United States of America. The snowflakes were 15 inches in diameter.

-The snow capital of the United States is Stampede Pass in Washington State. Each year, the average snowfall is 430 inches.

-The average snowflake falls at a speed of 3.1 miles per hour. (5 kilometers)

-People buy more cakes, cookies and candies than any other food when a blizzard is in the forecast.

-A blizzard occurs when you can't see for 1/4 mile. The winds are always 35 miles an hour or more. The storm must last at least 3 hours to be classed as a blizzard. If any of these conditions are less, it is only a snowstorm.

-Billions of snowflakes fall during one short snowstorm.

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Invincible Summer said...

I never really believed that snowflakes were all unique, blah, blah, blah, either. But, last winter there were HUGE ones that landed on my coat and I could see how pretty they really are! Cute post:)