Friday, April 9, 2010

Winter Semester Update

So I just finished up my second to last semester at BYU-Idaho! (& My final winter semester ever! Yipee!) It really feels like I have no life now that I have no homework to do for a week...I guess that is why I am on here giving needed updates...which is good!

You should really check out all my parenting blogs that I have been working on this semester at & for updating's sake....I had the greatest opportunity recently to help my parenting professor (haha that sounds funny) write lesson plans for an online parenting class that starts next semester. So if you want to take that class (Faml 220) sign up with Bro Galbraith & I promise you won't be disappointed!

I really loved all my classes this semester especially my Parenting, New Testament and Group Dynamics class with the Berg but the hardest/boring-est/motivation-less classes definitely have to be Money Management (because of my prof) & my law class (because of the crazy wording! I could not read that textbook! Good thing I got to sell it back for $1...NOT) The final for my Media Law & Ethics class was awful. It took way too long & was way beyond my brain's capacity for comprehension. Seriously not the funnest thing ever! It was a take home test & Scott kept asking me if I was having fun...I just glared at him! haha...But it is all over now (except for my application of everything I have learned right?!) and I will be back at it for my last and final semester in just one week! It is so nice to be done with finals (for now at least) & I am so excited to be graduating soon and moving on in life in just 3 more months.

I have a new job at the library that I am so so thankful for. I have been doing the same library circulation job for almost 2 years now...attending the same training meetings semester after semester and then randomly my boss pulls me into her office and asks me if I want to transfer to Inter Library Loan (ILL) where I would be doing something completely different! I said, "Of course! I would absolutely love to!" I still can't believe that happened...out of everyone that works at the library she chose me and one other person to transfer to ILL for next semester. See I told you the Lord is really looking out for me!

I started training this week and I really have enjoyed learning to do NEW things. I get to process loan requests from our library as well as libraries from around the nation...and even world. I answered a phone call yesterday from someone in Canada yesterday who wanted to borrow a book from our library. I said, "Sure! you totally can!" I thought it was pretty cool. I get to deal with pendings, recieves, returns...they are teaching me everything! I am getting really good at taping up boxes and putting AVERY DENNISON address labels on those boxes to send to other libraries! Everyone in ILL has their own techniques for taping up boxes and it is so funny how they each had to show me theirs to help me out. It has been pretty fun & is so nice to have a change! I worked for a few straight hours just today and it didn't even feel like I went to work.

& Now for a week of Spring break-ness. Let the partyin begin! I really could use a breather! We will be going to Twin for the week and we can't wait to go since there really isn't much to do around here except snuggle for warmth and watch episodes of funny tv shows on!


Ailinh Harris said...

What a wonderful post! I am so excited for your new job at the library and for your success in getting through this weird, tough, semi-boring semester.. haha Anyway, have a good break and a good start of your LAST undergrad semester!

The Clingo Family said...

Hey Brittany!

I just wanted to let you know how much Noah enjoyed your family during church today! He loved playing with Brinley and I'm pretty sure she loved playing with him too :-)He really liked your Dad, grandma, and grandpa too! He even got to play with your dad's watch haha.

Chelsie + Shawn said...

Isn't it soo nice to get a break for a little while?! How exciting that you're almost done (: