Monday, January 24, 2011

Fun Crafts + Other Stuffs

So some friends and I went fabric shopping and I got some pretty awesome deals on some super cute fabrics for baby boy. We went to M & L in Anaheim and they had some great great stuff!!! It was a ton of fun! I sort of have a love hate relationship with sewing but I think I can handle a few fun projects! I'm excited to start making some cute stuff for the little guy! Like soooo excited!

Also at a girls bow making night I learned how to make some cute new bows. It was a lot of fun and surprisingly easier to make than they appear! These ones are going to my baby sis Brinley. Maybe for her birthday in March??? Shh. Don't tell her!
Oh and this isn't a craft but I really want to get this stroller and carseat. It's the Graco barcelona bluegrass baby travel system. I just love the colors and pattern...It is still manly for baby and dad but at the same time a cute print for me! I'm excited to shop for more baby essentials. It feels weird to be buying this stuff in a way...holy cow are we really going to be parents?! YES!

& Now for your viewing pleasure, Magic Tricks by Blake Farrow.

If you haven't already seen this video, you absolutely must. Haha! It simply exemplifies a typical evening at the Farrow home. I took this a few weeks ago when I was supervising my sibs and their fire obsessions. Haha jk. Enjoy!


Carly said...

I am so happy you are half way! What a triumph! And I love your fabric selection. You are one of those people who has a very distinct style that really embodies YOU. It's way cute and classy. And I was cracking up at your little sister screaming for your brother's life. What a fun family. =)

Bonnie and Brian said...

I'm so jealous at all the way cute fabric you found!! These should be really fun projects for you to enjoy. It makes me want to do some myself... especially since Aspen goes through at least 5 bibs a day. She wears them in her sleep because she's always spitting up; I found that bibs double well as burp cloths (they can still be wearing it as you put them on your shoulder to burp, it's nice). Have fun!

Lauren said...

Love the fabric!