Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Livin large

I'll be 21 weeks tomorrow & since you were wondering...Why yes i do feel my skin stretching and my back aching a little more these days, not to mention heartburn and leg cramps and not being able to sleep at night...but truthfully I wouldn't trade this experience for anything in the world! Once I feel those little kicks, I'm reminded of the sweet lil babe I will be holding in my arms come June and how worth it that will make this all seem! Those little pity parties I have with Me, Myself and I at 3:30 am will be distant and faint memories replaced by 3 am feedings with a cute little guy! haha. It's just all preparing me for some great times ahead right??

This last week (on a trip to Target for some benadryl because my skin was itching alllll over) was the first time someone asked when I was due without me saying anything to them first and it pretty much made my night! haha. I ran to Scott in the next aisle and did a little victory dance which made him smile and laugh at/with me. So now that I have "made it over the hump" I am perfectly fine with staying this size and not getting any larger but mother nature probably has other plans in store for me and I guess I can handle that. Although I am pretty sure I will HAVE to handle that! & I am so okay with the little guy growing and developing to his full potential!!! We just can't wait to meet him!

Recently I've found out that so many of my friends are pregnant right now and we are all due within one or 2 months of each other and it just makes me so happy and excited. I just want to get together with all of you lovely ladies and give you all big baby-belly-in-the-way hugs! YAYY for babies!!!

Scott & I were looking at some old family photos today on his lunch break and thinking how cute our son is going to be! Lil Scotty was such a darling boy (and still is), just take a look:

Little Scott & Brian showin off their fine catch!

Scott with his bro, sis and cousins! I just love this pic.
He is the second little dude!

Scott & Brian again with some enthusiastic smiles! haha..I love it!


Carly said...

Thank you for your enthusiasm about our news!! And you look absolutely precious. You make the perfect lil' pregnant lady. And I will probably be asking you some questions. =)

EmilyT said...

your preggo belly is ADORABLE!!!! i can't wait for you to have your baby! your gonna be such a fun, cute mom.

EmilyT said...

oh...and those 3am feedings are the best!!! i would so much rather be feeding the babe at 3am than being feeling NASTY pregnant at 3am. haha!

Dara said...

you are so darling! i love your blog and am so happy for you!

Joseph and Megan Boster said...

I had no idea you were pregnant! I'm so extremely happy for you! And you look fab--as usual:)