Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sarah's Key

I just finished reading this book and feel almost haunted by it...but in a good way?! I just can't stop thinking about it. It was a book I couldn't put down. I believe it is very important to remember the past. To hear stories of the Holocaust and the lives of those who were ever changed by it, always puts things into perspective. I have always liked reading these kind of stories. The hardships faced were unimaginable. Sarah's Key was definitely a shocking story but nothing short of miraculous (as Augusten Burroughs put it). I loved the way the author paralleled and contrasted the stories between Sarah and Julia, the journalist. It sort of had a historical yet modern flair to it which kept it super interesting. It was beautifully written & I would definitely recommend reading it! (The only thing I dislike about finishing a good book is that now you have to find an equally good a book to start reading!)

Here's a little more about Sarah's Key.....

Paris, July 1942
: Sarah, a ten-year-old girl, is taken with her parents by the French police as they go door-to-door arresting Jewish families in the middle of the night. desperate to protect her younger brother, sarah locks him in a bedroom cupboard - their secret hiding place - and promises to come back for him as soon as they are released.

Sixty years later in July of 2002
: Sarah's story intertwines with that of Julia Jarmond, an American journalist investigating the roundup. In her research, Julia stumbles onto a trail of secrets that link her to Sarah, and to questions about her own future.

Let me know if you decide to read this too! HAPPY READING!


Ailinh Harris said...

This looks way good! I am getting back into the gear of reading. It's like now that I graduated, I need some books to read. The habit of textbook skimming has carved into my brain. ;) Anywho, I will check it out. Thanks girl!

Racheal Dixon said...

This sounds like such a good book!! It's on my list to read! :)

BTW, I'm Racheal. I was blog browsing and found your blog from one of my friends blogs who I went to highschool with and we graduated with Scott. :) Anyways, I love your blog and congrats to you guys with a new baby boy on the way!! We have a daughter and they are such a joy and a blessing! :)

Beth said...

Thanks for sharing! I've been in need of a good book, and I can't get enough of ANYthing WWII or holocaust. I'll probably even stop by the library tomorrow!