Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday's Thoughts

I have been having the most vivid and detailed dreams lately...dreams where you can smell the salty sea air, see the changing colors of the sky, feel the raw emotion of the situation and even wake up to feel like it was actually something that happened to you in real life. I have always been an intense dreamer but these pregnancy induced dreams are so much more detailed and emotion filled. It is like I produce an academy award winning movie in my head every night! This morning I feel like I just got back from a vacation located near a dangerous waterfall where I saved my siblings from drowning and falling to their demise. You want to see video footage of it? I got it all on my professional underwater video camera. Oh wait, darn...don't really have one of those!

Speaking of movies...last night we went to see the Adjustment Bureau and it wasn't anything like we thought it would be. It wasn't nearly as intense or action packed as it looked and the ending was sort of lame but the first half was good. I would give it a 7 out of 10.

I really want to and need to get a hair trim...& a spa pedicure especially since I can't really reach my toes very well anymore. A prenatal massage would be nice when we get back too! I do have a gift certificate to get one from our anniversary.

A random stranger rubbed my preggo belly the other night for the first time. I've always heard stories of how you get random strangers coming up to you rubbing your belly when you are with child and so far it hasn't happened but now that you can actually tell the huge bump in front is a growing baby random people are beginning to take notice. First, it was our waitress at dinner and she said, as she brought out my meal, "And here's food for the little baby!" It just made me laugh and sort of made me excited that other people besides my friends and family can tell there really is something there! It really wasn't weird or awkward or anything but just surprised me. I don't think I myself would ever go up to a random someone and rub their belly though, pregnant or not! HAHA.

Last week I got some really cute outfits for baby Camden in Boston. I was even able to find these little socks that look like shoes in every color for only $5! I think they are so cute! The Marshall's headquarters is near Boston so their store in the city is always stocked with the best stuff! It was more like a Nordstrom than a Marshall's but with way cheaper price tags! My kind of shopping! Some of Scott's coworkers even bought us a cute little onesie and baby shoes for our little guy while in Boston! So sweet of them!  It really is fun to shop for baby clothes! Now I just can't wait to put him in all the outfits!

I had such a fun time in Boston with my momma and little sis Brin this past week. We had a blast touring, shopping, eating and enjoying all the history and beautiful scenery. So glad they could come visit! I took way over 400 pics so I'm still deciding which ones to post! Scott met up with us over the weekend and it was just the best of times. Lots of walking but also lots of fun! So glad we had the opportunity to explore other parts of the country while we were here and that my mom and sis could enjoy it with us! More details and pics to come!

I'm sort of excited to get back to real life in our real homey apartment and to be able to sleep in our own comfy bed. I'm not complaining about living in a hotel for a month, the maid service, continental breakfasts or going out to dinner every night but it is always nice to just be in your own home. Sweet home California is calling my name. 3 more days!

I really miss my husband all the time when he is away. I can't wait for him to get back from work each day! I am so lucky to have him. He is just the greatest & I don't think I can ever say that enough!

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kaitlin said...

i love your Boston post!! Add me to your blog, and you can follow mine. Its kaitlin.kimball.blogspot.com. Cute baby bump too!! love ur posts! love you more!