Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Top Places to Visit in Boston

The Kendall Hotel in Cambridge! A historic restored firehouse with so much character & great service. The free breakfasts in the morning were awesome. The fresh berry tarts were my favorite! The hotel's restaurant, The Black Sheep, was amazing as well! It is called the black sheep because the firefighters who used to live at the station were nicknamed that because it was a smaller station that didn't get a lot of work compared to the larger crews in the city. We got to try Boston cream pie...so light and fluffy and gooooood. We will definitely be staying here at the Kendall Hotel the next time we venture out to Boston!

The Trolley Tour around the city was a perfect thing to do on a cold day! We were able to sit back and relax while listening to our tour guide show us the way around!

 The Boston Common & Beacon Hill! Even though it was a very cold day we explored some of the cute shops on Beacon Hill and different monuments on Boston Common! Brinley was obsessed with the snow and kept wanting to keep some to store in our hotel's little freezer! She also screamed, "I hate Boston! I want to go home!"...when the wind blew a little too hard that day! Haha. It was very cold the first day but we were lucky with sunshine the rest of the week until it rained on the last day! It was crazy weather that was always changing!

The No Name Seafood Restaurant! We got to try their famous seafood chowder and Fried Scrod fish! Pretty tasty place right on Boston's Harbor...so you knew it was really fresh stuff! Yum! It is called the No Name because they didn't have a name for the restaurant when it first opened and then it just became known as the restaurant with no name so they kept it that way! I love stories like that!

The Boston Public Library! It is nicknamed "A Palace for the People". We were so glad we went inside. It was filled with gorgeous marble all around and golden murals and statues. It was amazing!

Filene's Basement! We heard this place had some great bargains. It was fun to shop til we dropped! We were pretty much poooped from walking all day!

Mary Poppins at the Boston Opera House! I was lucky enough to get to see Mary Poppins again. What an amazing Broadway show at a beautiful and historic venue! It reminded me of the theater from Phantom of the Opera. Brinley was so excited to see the real live Mary Poppins. She wanted to get her autograph so bad! She talked through the whole show asking us all these questions. She is quite the jibber jabber! We got pretty good priced seats and sat all the way up in the balcony. Still a great view of the stage! I don't think there was a bad seat in the house!

The Freedom Trail! We decided to leave the freedom trail for when Scott came to meet up with us during the weekend! It was a 2.5 mile trek through some of Boston's most historic sites and landmarks. You follow this red brick line on the side walk that leads you to each site. We kept singing, "Follow the Red Brick Road!" We didn't get it all done in one day but got to see everything we had wanted to see! It really was an inspiring trek. So grateful to our forefathers! It was also fun to take the T line, Boston's subway around town. We got pretty good at navigating the city!

Old Churches & Cemeteries! Well we definitely got our fill of century old grave sites and churches. There are so many in Boston. We were amazed they are still standing. Some are even from the 1600's. Brinley would ask questions when we were in the churches like, "So where do they go for Primary?" Hehe. It was interesting to read the tomb stones as well as learn about the historic churches and who attended them. We got to see where the signers of the Declaration of Independence were buried as well like John Hancock, Ben Franklin and Sam Adams. Pretty cool!

Quincy Market! It was a fun happening place with street performers and a great food court. We got some creamy hot clam chowder that was super yummy. We also got to go inside Fanuiel Hall across the way where early colonists would go to debate British rule. Oh we also snacked on salty pretzels and hot carmeled nuts right where the Boston Massacre occurred. A little strange if you ask me...

Mike's Pastry! So we had to take Brin and my mom here again with us to get some super yummy cannolis. It is fun to watch how fast they wrap the iconic boxes with bakery twine! It was a just an all around fun experience and super tasty to try different flavors like lobster tail cream and chocolate mousse. Still I think the original is best! We kept joking that we were going to turn into cannolis because we ate so many sweets there!

The USS Constitution! Nicknamed "Old Ironsides", it is the worlds oldest commissioned military ship still afloat! It never lost a battle so you could say it is Boston's only undefeated team. On duty US Sailors gave us a great and informative tour through each of the decks. Scott took all these great photos. I was too tired to hold the camera!

Regina Pizzeria! Our last major stop was this great and famous pizza place. We got the Giambotta pizza with all the traditional toppings. I had 3 pieces! We all just scarfed it down it was so fresh and yummy. The crust was perfect and not at all greasy! So worth the wait in line to get in!

So that about sums up all the great places we got to see!!!
Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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