Wednesday, May 11, 2011

35 Weeks

I am 35 weeks today and I am definitely feeling it. Pregnancy is becoming less fun every day. Haha. That sounds terrible but really I just want this baby to be here with me!! Oh and guess who made an appearance today? Little stretch mark number 1 {Well at least I think it is a stretch mark!?} ...Not so sure how I am feeling about that. I  am just feeling so huge and tired and ready to have this baby! The excitement and anticipation of it all is just so high. 

Please come fast little baby Camden! I can tell he is getting more ready to come out too because he is just moving around all the time and seems to me he isn't very comfy any more all folded up inside me! Next week we get to do the last ultrasound to check his position & fluid levels and make sure everything is a okay in there. I am hoping we can see how much or how little hair he has too! 

I'm reading all up on Breast feeding, Labor and Delivery {I absolutely LOVE the Baby 411 books I got from Ellen. I like them even better than the What to Expect book!} and we went to our first birthing class last Saturday....2 more to go. It was fun and informational. I definitely feel like knowledge is power. It has made me feel more at ease and more of what to expect even though I am pretty sure I have no idea how it is all going to go down. Scott even enjoyed the class too! 

I still need to buy the little things for the baby. It has been getting hard to not buy everything all at once because I still have 2 baby showers coming up. I feel like end of May I will feel all ready and prepared and have every newborn necessity and that will be the best feeling. I am definitely a planner. I have been scared to buy too many newborn clothes though because I have heard how quickly they will grow out of them...which means I only have about 3 new born onesies and 2 outfits.

5 more weeks to go. Getting so close and yet it still feels so far away! Hopefully this baby will come sooner than later...but I guess that is every pregnant women's wish. & I still can't figure out how the pioneers did this! 


Leenie said...

You are still so gorgeous. I about gave up on my looks and everything at 35 weeks with both boys. ;) Good luck these last few weeks!

Bonnie and Brian said...

I think sleepers are perfect for newborns 24/7. we had both our girls in them even for going out until they were 3 months. 4-5 pairs would do it (with some under onesies). More pairs if you don't want to do laundry as often. That's what we liked; everybody is different though! And you're right about the baby showers- they will be your main supply. It was tough for me too to wait to buy stuff until after the showers!

Carly said...

Oh Brittany... glory in your ONE stretch mark. =)