Sunday, May 1, 2011

Stuffed Peppers + Spanish Rice

I have been inspired lately by Our Best Bites cookbook that my Aunt Kelee...I mean...The Easter Bunny, got me for Easter :) I have always liked reading their blog but it is kind of nice to have the recipe book with beautiful pictures to get my cooking vibes going...

{Scott has especially liked this cookbook because I have been cooking more than the usual menu lately!} 

SO I have always wanted to make stuffed peppers but always thought it was going to be a huge major cooking production and that you needed a lot of fancy ingredients so I just never got up the courage to make them....until now! I even made homemade spanish rice from Grandma Moon would be so proud! It was actually really easy and something kind of different and soooo delicious to add to our menu. 

So yum! You have to try making these!

I used about 5 different recipes for inspiration and then just used what I had on hand to whip it all up:

So if you are looking for a fast, cheap, easy & delicious meal look no farther than here!

 I even made extra filling and froze it in the freezer for next time!!

Can't wait to make these again!

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geri e. said...

I'm totally going to be making that! :)