Wednesday, February 1, 2012

We have arrived

 Greensboro, NC

Camden was a great traveller! He did have a few crying bursts out of boredom, but for the most part he was just the happiest baby...content with a new toy, looking out the window or smiling at the passengers behind us. Everyone kept commenting on how well he was doing. Such a sweet relief! He slept most of the way on the long flight to Atlanta, thanks to a little benadryl. Everything just went so smoothly. We seriously went directly from the airport, to a rental car, to our hotel without a lost bags, delays or missing our connection or anything like that. It was completely a stress free trip! Amazing! So glad we are finally here! So far we are really enjoying everything.

What I noticed first about North Carolina: the trees. Flying in at night we could see all the lights glittering through the branches. It was a sight to see. I can't wait to see all the greenery come spring. The next thing was the southern accents & yes sirs and yes mams. My favorite thing to say now: Thaaaank Yew! So far everyone has been very friendly and polite. The weather has brought crispy cold mornings and toasty warm afternoons. I haven't really even needed to wear a jacket outside. I quite like this place.

Scott's birthday was on Monday! We tried to make it a special day for him. It was a simple but fun day. We ate at Carraba's Italian Grill! This cake was from the weekend when we celebrated with fam in San Diego! So yummy!

For now we are living the hotel life while our possessions are trucking across the country. Not the funnest thing with a 7 month old...but it's not like this suite is any bigger/smaller than what we are used to ;) Camden is climbing & pulling himself on everything...meaning he falls and tumbles a lot. He has a few bumps and bruises to show for it. Poor baby! We got lots of baby proofing to do in our new place!

Enjoying the bitter biscuits Grandma Farrow bought him for the trip! Thanks Mom!

Scott's been working from home/hotel this week. Camden's a good helper/distractor!

Got the keys to our new place yesterday! It was exciting to see it in person. I love it. It is perfect for us. Scott did a good job on his rental finding trip! Now just can't wait to move in! 

The front of our cute lil 2 bedroom townhouse! 

Took a little stroll through Battle Ground park yesterday. Historical monuments and statues honoring war time heros dot the walking paths. Pretty neat to take in the history around us! This park is just minutes from our house.

Lots of pretty sticks :) Can't wait to see them full of leaves in the spring/summer!

We will keep you updated on our new and upcoming adventures in NC! Stay tuned :)

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