Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Whole 7 Months Old

At 7 months Camden is...

Crawling & now climbing and trying to pull himself up on things. He loves to stand while holding onto something. He hasn't perfected this yet and it kind of scares me to death but every time I see him climbing up on something he looks like such a big boy to me! When did this happen?!

Picking up finger foods and wanting to feed himself. No more of this baby food!

No teeth have made an appearance yet.

He tried crab, salmon, mushrooms, yogurt, olives, limes, oranges and liked them...what can I say, the boy likes food! Okay, the limes were a little too sour but he seemed quite interested in the taste. So funny!

Weighing in at 19 lbs and 1.5 oz.

Had his first little sickness this past week. He had no other symptoms than a nasty fever that lasted 3-4 days. It was really sad to see our little energetic boy so mellow and all hot and uncomfortable. Poor baby boy!

He loves to go out & he loves people. Everywhere we go he is just the friendliest and smiliest baby. He is really good at making friends real fast!

Getting more on a nap schedule during the day and sleeping a little better at night...still wakes up every 2 hours after midnight but at least he gets a good chunk of sleep in there from about 8-12.

Loves to jabber & gut laugh.

He gets so excited when we clap our hands and say, "good job baby" when he does something fabulous like sleep for more than 2 hours, poop or eat really good! HaHa! He loves the attention.

He is no longer a sweet smelling newborn. Nightly baths are a must. He gets to be quite the stinky boy by the end of the day :)

He smiles and excitedly flails his arms and legs when daddy comes home. Melts my heart.

Has grown some more hair & he has the biggest feet and hands! He's gunna be a tall boy!

His hands & fingers are doing more these pushing my hands away when I am trying to wipe his face or nose or just grabbing at anything and everything that he shouldn't!

He is getting so strong & quick. I feel like I have to be one step ahead of him at all times & he is so much more wiggly now. Changing him is one of the most challenging parts of our day :)

Wakes up crying but as soon as I pick him up and start walking around he is just the happiest baby. Every morning with Camden has been like that. I love our happy mornings together...after the crying that is :)

He is still very cuddly...before and after his naps. Even though he is so much more wiggly and just a moving everywhere, he still enjoys cuddle time with mom. I love it!

He will play with his toys for a time so I can get something done here or there. He does get bored with them so I have to rotate which toys I put out for him so it seems like there are new ones every day. It is so cute to see him crawl/fall into the toy basket and reach for things!

Every day he is becoming more of a little person. Today Scott pointed that that he has almost been outside of my belly just as long as he was in there! Wow! Oh how we love our growing boy! He amazes us every day.

& one more thing I thought of that I want to remember about Camden at this age is the way he plays with his hair when he is tired {just like his daddy did when he was a little guy!} It is the sweetest thing!

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