Sunday, March 25, 2012

Little Helper

 Well it may seem like Camden is my sweet & innocent little helper in the kitchen but really he is attempting to empty all the utensils I just put in. 

I continued to finish washing & putting away all the dishes in the sink when all of a sudden, taking me by total surprise, Camden had climbed on top of the dishwasher door. What the?! I looked down and there he was....just looking up at me like it was no big deal, so proud of himself. Good thing I had my trusty camera close by. 

Then he even goes as far to pull himself up to a standing position using the dish racks as support. I was laughing so much by this point. He probably would have climbed all the way up onto the counter had I let him continue. Crazy boy. I wonder what was going on inside that little mind of his.

So funny his little tongue was sticking out the whole time. He does this when he is concentrating on something real hard. I guess climbing Mt. Dishwasher is quite the task!

Boy are we in for it when this busy body discovers how to walk and talk...This is only the beginning!  


Cait said...

Carmen also has a dishwasher obsession. I have to put her in a bouncer or something when I empty the dishwasher for that same reason. =) Don't know why kids like it so dang much!

Amber said...

Preston does the same thing! I have to work fast or just not put in anything sharp. He also loves the broom and Vacuum. Kids sure are funny!