Monday, May 21, 2012

11 Months!

 11 Things about Camden's 11th Month!
1. He is finally getting his first chompers. His first tooth came in on the bottom with another one right next to it on the way! We joke and say they already look like Farrow teeth, big and scraggly! Haha! Scott never had braces but I on the other hand, had them on for 4 years...We will just have to wait and see whose teeth Camden really gets :)

2. He can stand up unassisted and can take a few steps by himself, but prefers crawling...which I am totally okay with for now!

3. Puts everything into his mouth. When visiting my parents I pulled out a black oozing beetle, buttons, a dime, ring, earring, grass, flowers, a screw, a pebble, cat food and probably a few more I am forgetting...all from his mouth! Luckily he has never chocked on anything...I have to watch him like a hawk!

4. He is communicating more with little grunts and sweet melodic baby talk, mimicking our sounds. I love when he tries to talk with his daddy or grandparents on the phone! 

5. His favorite foods are watermelon, bananas, oatmeal, avocados, berries, yogurt and applesauce!

6. Loves reaching for "goodies" in the trashcan. The other day I found him munching on the recently emptied vacuum dust/tangled hair glob. It was all over his mouth, hands and feet! So gross...He is too quick! He also has an obsession with toilets. He would love to go swimming in there if he could.

7. Camden sleeps from about 7:30pm to 7am with one feeding in there somewhere between 2 & 5am. He usually takes 2, 40 minute to 1 hour naps. Overall he is a much better sleeper than ever before!

8. If cranky/bored he is immediately cured if we go outside. He loves walks in the park, swinging on the swings and swimming in the pool is his new favorite!

9. He loves turning the pages of his books...I think more than looking at the pictures & reading the stories. Every morning we read through about 6 small board books, 3-4 times each!

10. He also loves watching Elmo, independently playing with his toys for a short time, pushing around his own stroller, Skyping with grandparents, wrestling with dad, laughing at his parents, pointing to airplanes in the sky & trying to share bits of his food with us!

11. Gives the biggest bear hugs to daddy and saves all his big slobbery kisses for mommy!


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Jake and Kara said...

What an adorable little guy. Emery is the same way, into everything, all the time, and it immediately goes in her mouth. He is so handsome I can't get over it!