Thursday, May 24, 2012

Our time in California

While Scott was in Honduras for 9 days on business, Cam and I flew to California to stay with my family. It was my first time traveling alone with Camden & I was a little nervous but Camden was a great traveller...hardly made a peep though he was super busy the whole time and wouldn't take a nap til the last half hour! Haha. Everyone around us was super nice & helpful and I was able to walk up and down the aisle with him a few times so that helped! We transitioned between looking out the window, eating snacks, reading books and playing with toys just about every 2 minutes...

It was the longest flight of my life but so worth it...with Brooke's 1st prom and Brinley's Dr. Suess themed 7th birthday party and Bailey's amazing Pops concert, we had a blast in California!

Camden's first prom! Haha. My Brookie boo is so gorgeous...So much fun being paparazzi. 

Camden thoroughly enjoyed swimming in a pool for the first time with Auntie Brin & Grandpa. He loved splashing and did not ever want to get out! 

We also spent a fun afternoon taking Camden into Brinley's 1st grade class for show and tell. Brinley was so excited to show off her nephew! He loved seeing all the kids....he kept pointing to them and making them all laugh. Afterwards we headed to the San Diego Safari Park for the rest of the day! Camden loved seeing all the animals! I did too!

More Safari Park pics HERE!

We sure missed our Daddy but glad we could talk to him on the phone and Skype with him a few times. Scott was able to have some neat experiences while in South evening he got to take his team on a tour of the LDS Temple grounds while in El Salvador! He also had some crazy foreign experiences like seeing a crazy car crash with a few fatalities :( In America traffic would be closed off 5 miles both ways but in Honduras they drove right past it all. Needless to say it was quite the happy reunion when we met in the Atlanta, Georgia airport....So glad we were able to make the last leg of our flight home together! 

Thanks Grandpa and Grandma Farrow for a wonderful time! Miss you already!

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