Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fun fun fun

So this week I began my very last semester of college! Yipee! I just had to make Scott take a pic before I walked out the door. hehe. {don't mind the pile of blankets/pillows/jackets on the couch and shoes in the doorway...} So far this semester has been full of fun classes and teachers all week, fun job, fun date nights with my man, fun hwk projects, fun weather, fun new friends, fun family, fun books, fun movies, fun food, fun life...Yup that basically sums it all up! I am so excited to graduate! It is going to be a lot of work but I'm pretty much a pro student by now ;) so July 23rd here I come!

& Scott has been up to this...

I keep telling him to enjoy this time that he has off from work and school...It is well deserved and soon enough he will be at it again! So far he has been giving me rides to and from school, working out at the gym, reading a lot of books, playing the guitar, getting everything ready to begin employment with Avery & golfing with his newly purchased season pass! Woohoo. Go get em Tiger...{or maybe not!} haha! I love Scott with all my heart and am so grateful for all that he is and the support he is giving me in finishing up school!!! Thanks babe!

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